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First News Spring 2008

Building Your Dream

   Equity Building Consulting was founded to assist owner/builders through the process of building their own home and helping create instant equity for the owner. EBC can help owner/builders with organization and supervision of their construction project through step-by-step consultation. The company principals, Mike Zamora and Judy Hawronsky, have a combined 30 years of experience in building construction, utilizing the best practices in the industry with an emphasis on controlling general contracting costs and support in the decision-making process. Managing a successful building project requires proper planning with a lender, an architectural firm, and navigating through the permit/inspection process. Mike and Judy’s initial consultation will include plans and land discussion, timelines and construction financing where a budget is developed to make sure the project fits financial expectations.
Photo courtesy Equity Builders Consulting

Photo courtesy Equity Builders Consulting

   In addition, EBC has the resources to provide significant buying power through a network of subcontractors and suppliers with a proven program to save clients 20-40% on supplies and materials. From building specifications to contractor scheduling and overall quality control, EBC has developed a system to help owner/builders get the most house for the money. As an ongoing partner, EBC helps protect the investment property while proceeding through each phase of the building process by providing proven suppliers and subcontractors to assist owners to do the job properly, like a professional builder. If a client is willing to spend a little time and energy each day, and wants a proven method for home equity the day the house is done, take a look at Equity Building Consulting, currently located in Colorado Springs at (719) 550-4758. Mike and Judy have plans to open a Trinidad office; just call (719) 846-2665.

Photos courtesy Equity Builders Consulting


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