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First News Spring 2009

A Life Lesson

   Local businessman, William Bilderback, believes so strongly in the importance of teaching children to save money that he wrote a children’s book about it. "I got the idea for this book when the opportunity to teach my grandchildren about money presented itself one day, but this concept is not just for kids.  Saving for the future, whether it be for a college education or retirement, is an important part of providing security for yourself.  With the recent changes in the economy, it has become more important than ever to be responsible with your money. This book teaches a few very simple steps to follow to ensure success."

   The Modern Day BILLY The Kid, The 10-10-10 Lesson is a family-based story that is beautifully illustrated by local artist, Esther Cass, and is a high-quality hardcover bound 30-page book. The 10-10-10 lesson is based on the principle of setting aside 10% for the future, 10% for giving, and 10% for a special item that requires saving, leaving 70% for spending now. In the book, this concept is explained to Billy 'The Kid' by his grandfather through a story that encourages children to value money. Billy learns that money doesn't grow on trees, and that working for money is rewarding.
   This spring, local school children have been enjoying a special visit from a larger-than-life cowboy. Employees of The First National Bank in Trinidad have been visiting grade school classrooms dressed as a grown-up Billy The Kid to share the story of The Modern Day BILLY The Kid, The 10-10-10 Lesson. The book is available for sale at all First National Bank locations in Trinidad, Walsenburg and Raton. Included with your book purchase of $15.95, your child can open a savings account with $10.00 deposited by the book's author, Mr. Bilderback. Your child will also receive a FREE piggy bank (a $15.00 value) with divided sections to help them separate their savings in the future. To take advantage of this offer and open a new account, the child must be accompanied by an adult, and a social security card for the child must be presented. Books purchased elsewhere do not qualify for this special offer. However, children with existing savings accounts with The First National Bank in Trinidad and its branch locations can take advantage of this offer while supplies last.

   "We, at The First National Bank in Trinidad, believe strongly in the lesson this book can teach our children, so we are offering this special program to help parents put their child on the right path with a copy of this wonderful book, and their very own 10-10-10 savings program," explains bank Vice President, Chris Huffman. "We hope parents will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to teach their children to save. It will make a difference in their future, guaranteed!"


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