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First News Spring 2010

School Studio Offers Professional Experience to Hoehne Students

    What if a high school was given the opportunity to offer its students hands-on training for a career in journalism, photography or computer graphics, and at the same time generate money to pay for the necessary equipment and possibly even earn income for the school?  That's what Steve Wharton asked himself when he came up with the idea for Academic Images.  This concept has been implemented by Mr. Wharton at a few schools in Southern Colorado, but none has been as successful as the school studio program at Hoehne High School.  He credits Hoehne School's administration, staff and students for their cooperation and zeal in working with the school studio program.  "It is a new way of looking at school publications, photography and journalism.  Over the five years that we have worked together, we have taken the yearbook out of the red and into the black.  Thanks to the great efforts by the classes, we have enhanced all of the school's publications, as well as started some new ones.  The hard work of the students pays for the program and raises the funds to outfit our own professional studio and help fund the computer lab," says Wharton.

     Hoehne High students may choose to participate in one of the photography, journalism, or graphic design classes. These classes, led by Mr. Wharton and Mr. Coles, are responsible for producing the Hoehne Outlook, a monthly publication, the Sports Book, sold at all home games, and the yearbook. Students in these classes also take, edit, and distribute the Hoehne school-day photos, sports photos, class and organization photos for grades K-12.  Students learn basic photography skills along with basic editing and Photoshop. The Journalism class is geared more toward the writing aspect such as Outlook and Sports Book articles. Graphic Design classes design templates for photos and create graphics for the Outlook and yearbook.

     Each person in both classes Each person in both classes has an integral part in the in-school business that is the Hoehne School Studio. Mr. Wharton, a professional photographer, offers Hoehne students more and more opportunities each year.

Computer Picture (in a picture): Designed by Cody Cloud, HHS student
Some students have accompanied Mr. Wharton to photograph events or to shoot senior photos. They are given the chance to learn some of the "tricks of the trade" by shadowing and assisting a professional photographer. This year, ten students were selected to participate in a dual-credit publication class offered by TSJC and taught by Mr. Wharton. In this class, students can earn college credit by completing weekly projects and attending monthly workshops. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring photographer or graphic designer.  By the way, this article was authored by Marley Schafer, a Junior and a member of the Hoehne High School Studio.

     Hoehne School Studio now offers professional photography and design services to the community.  So if you're looking for affordable, professional photography or graphic design work and would like to support this innovative school program, please contact Steve Wharton at (719) 310-4920.

Front Row: Rebecca Cole, Victor Fossen, Marley Schafer, Clint Hager, Amanda Graeff.
2nd Row: Mikayla Cappellucci, Sandi Marques, Alyssa Hernandez, Mr. Coles, Alyssa Navaro, Holly Fransua, Mr. Wharton.
3rd Row: Anna Nelson, Cody Cloud, Jordan East, Quade Kephart, T.J. Roach.
4th Row: Jessica Cappellucci, Hugh Harkin, Martin Waln, Trevor Smith, Jesse Sanchez, Stephany Navarette.  (not pictured - Lindsi Necaise)


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