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First News Summer 2007

The Past, Present and Future

   When Chuck and Marianne Smithey opened Antique Avenue and Boutique Boulevard they wanted to invest in their community by giving something back. Over time, their vision grew and turned into visiting the past, honoring the present, and looking forward to the future of Walsenburg. While local residents began renting space in both shops, the Smitheys not only gave the community a boost, but quickly realized their shops were filled with American history. Just visit Antique Avenue and take a walk down memory lane. These memories include coal miner items, musical instruments, various time periods of furniture, vintage clothing and much more. The same could be said about Boutique Boulevard. There, you will find more current items such as Rustico Furniture, Texas Leather purses and wallets, southwest vases and handmade jewelry.

   As for the future, Mrs. Smithey has added an Internet store that will be up and running this winter at Customers may order items and have them shipped to their home without spending time or money for gas, or trudging through winter storms. In the future, a customer will always be able to find Antique Avenue and Boutique Boulevard on the Internet no matter where they live or visit.

   If you enjoy browsing for antiques, collectibles, gifts, accessories, clothing, home décor and jewelry, visit Antique Avenue and Boutique Boulevard. Make sure you stop by the hospitality table for free coffee and snacks. See you there.

Antique Avenue Boutique Blvd.
609 &611 Main Street
Walsenburg, CO  81089
(719) 738-1100


Newsletter photography by Michael Babnick Photography

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