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First News Summer 2010

Mind, Body and Soul

   It's 2010 and we've all at least heard of yoga. Some have images of lithe women in pastel leotards effortlessly folding arms and legs into fantastical positions. Some think of people sitting cross-legged and eyes closed in silent peacefulness. Both of these images surely exist in the yoga world, and there is so much more! "There is so much marketing of yoga products and the yoga ‘lifestyle' lately, but the fact is you don't need any special equipment or special clothing. I practice at home on the kitchen floor in a t-shirt and shorts," says yoga instructor Jean Crisler. Jean has been teaching yoga in Trinidad for more than two years, and has now opened her cool, quiet yoga studio at 828 Arizona. LAVA Yoga Studio offers two drop-in classes per day, Monday through Friday. Jean also teaches private lessons and group lessons by registration.

   Jean earned her 200-hour yoga teaching certification from the Shoshoni Yoga Center in Rollinsville, Colorado. She also holds a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. "I noticed that my patients who had active lifestyles recovered more quickly and with less treatment. I decided that my focus should be on teaching activities that folks can use to make them healthy and keep them healthy." Yoga includes physical postures, breathing exercises, sitting quietly and dynamic sequences of movement. Each posture can be performed in many different ways and can also be modified for each person's physical condition. "I love the challenge of accommodating a pose to an injury or physical limitation," says Jean. "It brings out the anatomy geek in me, and it also allows me to help people safely enjoy the benefits of movement and to stay active and alive."

   Jean also teaches QiGong, meditative exercises developed over centuries in China to promote health and body awareness, and TaiJi, which are the more martial forms of QiGong. These classes, as well as meditation classes and weekend workshops, will also be included at LAVA Yoga Studio in the coming months. "How do you get started?" Jean asks. "You're welcome to bring your own mat, or you can use the mats and bolsters provided by the studio. Otherwise, just wear clothes that allow you to move easily, kick off your shoes at the door, pour yourself a cup of tea and experience the strength and peacefulness of yoga. It's such a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and you'll leave with a good feeling."


Lava Yoga Studio
828 Arizona Ave.
Trinidad, CO 81082
(719) 846-2325



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