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First News Winter 2006

Curly's World

   Curly’s Bead Emporium at 301 W. Main Street in Trinidad just celebrated its third holiday season in downtown Trinidad. It’s owned by Audrey Forcier who is also the proprietor of Curiosities, right next door, which started almost exactly six years before Curly’s! Audrey is an avowed “beadaholic” and a true “student of the game”. She’s been collecting, researching, buying and making jewelry from beads for nearly fifteen years, traveling widely in search of the beads that are her passion. Buying trips to India, Nepal, Jordan, Oman, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma, in addition to her well-developed network of domestic sources and direct importers, have resulted in Curly’s stocking one of the most unique collections of beads anywhere. Over the past two plus years, the store has grown from a part-time, modest shop to a full-service, world-class bead emporium featuring a huge array of beads and accessories. Perhaps most importantly, Audrey knows where virtually every bead came from — its history — and is able to advise customers the best ways to utilize these special pieces in their own jewelry designs. You see, in addition to her retail endeavors, Audrey is an award-winning jewelry designer, having been chosen by the Apparel Board of Chicago as one of the windy city’s top new designers in the early 1990s.

Curly’s Bead Emporium
Audrey Forcier & Curly

   What’s in a name? Why Curly’s? Well…there is one small fuzzy reason! Audrey’s prize “bead” is Curly her pug whose photogenic image graces the front window and oftentimes can be found wandering the shop. Much of Audrey’s jewelry making and all of her entrepreneurial endeavors occur under Curly’s watchful eyes or during her frequent naps. When it came time to name the new store, Curly and her inherent adorability made her the perfect mascot for such a unique shop.

   Audrey has been a First National Bank “iBank” user for over two years and says, “Whether working and living on Main Street, or buying in Bangkok, using iBank to manage cash flow and transfer funds has saved me time and money, and provided peace of mind on the road.” Her next big buying trip will include stops in Thailand and India, returning to the U.S. just in time to see her contacts at the largest Gem and Jewelry show here in the States. At the Bead Emporium, there’s always new merchandise, always fresh ideas. Stop in and say “Hi” to Curly.

Curly’s Bead Emporium
301 W. Main Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
(719) 846-0802


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