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First News Winter 2006

The Art Quilt Finds a Home in La Veta

   Quilts are icons of American tradition. Most people have quilts tucked away that were made by mothers, grandmothers and aunts. Many people have memories of watching their favorite relative stitching away on a quilt being made from old dresses and scraps. Patterns like double wedding ring, log cabin and drunkard’s path are among the favorite quilt patterns of long ago. The quilting revival that began in 1976 is almost surreal. Ask Ricky Tims, recently named one of the world’s top thirty quilters and co-owner with Justin Shults of the new Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery in La Veta. “It’s amazing actually. Never before in history has quilting experienced such a worldwide phenomenon.

Tims Art/Quilt Studio
Ricky Tims


  For the last 12 years, the largest annual convention is the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Over 55,000 people attend the event from about 40 counties, and today’s quilts will stop you in your tracks.” While the quilting revival certainly includes traditional-style works, it’s the art quilt that is taking center stage and causing such a stir. Art quilts are fabric expressions that are made solely as an artistic expression and are not intended as a bed covering — an art quilt is rarely bed size. Art quilters have found innovative ways to stitch their creations and are often dyeing or painting their own fabrics to achieve desired effects. “Many misinformed artists will comment, ‘Quilts aren’t art’,” says Tims, “but it’s not dissimilar to pottery. At one time pottery was only made as a functional vessel used for utility purposes. Now you can go into just about every gallery and find a vessel that would never be used, it is created solely as an artistic expression. That is what you’ll see in our gallery – art quilts.”

   Indeed seeing is believing. The new art quilt studio in La Veta will be showing works by internationally renowned art quilters. It’s one of only three galleries in the United States dedicated to the art quilt. Tims also produces unique hand-dyed fabrics that are sold and distributed worldwide. The offices and dye operation are in the second level of the gallery but are not open to the public, although the newly renovated gallery is open 10-5 daily.



Tims Art Quilt Studio & Gallery
105 W. Ryus
La Veta, CO 81055
(719) 742-3755



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