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First News Winter 2010

Let Me Tell You A Story...

Eugene C. Vories was born in Walsenburg and lucky enough to spend most of his growing up on the family’s (Capps) ranch near Pryor. The ranch stretched all the way from the foot of the East Spanish Peak to the flat country east of I-25 and was owned by Eugene's uncle, Harry J. Capps who was also Sheriff of Huerfano County for many years. His father, Eugene S. Vories, was Walsenburg’s Postmaster. It was over these formative years that an impressionable Eugene developed his love of ranching and the independent cowboy lifestyle.

    Eugene C. remembers, "In those days everything was done either on foot or horseback; there were no pickups or stock trailers. At that time, my uncle pastured cattle for other ranchers. As a boy, my aunt loved to read to me, and had some very good books for young boys. Maybe that's what started me thinking I wanted to write. I've been writing western novels for a long time now. My first, Arrowhead Ranch, was published in 1959 and The Man From Colorado in 1960, so I thought I was off to the races. Both books were also printed in Great Britain and the Man from Colorado became my first paperback to be printed in Italian. I pointed to it with pride saying, 'I wrote it but I can’t read it.'"

   Vories continues, "I had three more books published by New York or big city publishers, but was never happy with those folks. After years of trying, I sold a book, Ride The Rough String, to a Salt Lake City publisher thinking I was out of that New York market. The publisher printed the first three thousand copies and declared bankruptcy. I bought the books from the court and began selling them myself using my Christmas card list. I learned a lot, but decided if I was going to do that, I might just as well start publishing my own books. One great thing about that is I've never had a manuscript rejected by the publisher. I've published ten books now under the trade name, Vories Family Publishers, Eugene C. Vories, Author. Most of them are set in Walsenburg, La Veta and Trinidad. My books are in three series. What I call the Monte series are present day novels about an old cowman who sells his business and ranching interest on the western slope and retires on the ranch near La Veta. They're humorous stories about an old cowboy and his escapades with widows, bankers, forest rangers, oilmen and newcomers. The Button Benton series is set in the late 1800s. It starts with Mr. Grant's Cowboy, a fourteen-year old who takes a job on the Grant Ranch to learn to become a cowboy, and goes through his growing up to Ride For The Brand, Deputy, and The Dark Trail. Two books, Piñon Mesa and Return to Piñon Mesa are set on the western slope where I ranched for many years and are about the sheep wars and later, land development. My latest, Return To The Arrowhead is about a character in my first book who goes back East for several years then returns to the ranch he loved."

   "I write fiction about the kind of real people who lived and worked in the West to make this country what it is and try to put some history in, as I, or my family, remembers it. I don't write shoot 'em ups, so if you're interested, and will send me your mailing address, I'll send a flyer with prices and ordering information on my self-published books. A lot of people seem to like the way I tell a story."

Eugene C. Vories
P.O. Box 214
La Veta, CO 81055
(719) 742-5426


Newsletter photography by Michael Babnick Photography

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