Wire Transfers 

When money needs to get there right away, a wire transfer is the way to go!

Wire Transfer Graphic

Fees for this service:

Regardless of the amount of the wire, fees are as follows:
  • Outgoing Domestic $30.00
  • Outgoing International $50.00
  • Incoming Domestic $20.00
  • Incoming International $20.00
 More affordable options:
  • Recurring electronic money transfers are available by ACH. Please call or email to inquire about this free service.
  • Wire transfers are available for businesses at a reduced rate if you are an iBankPro customer. To learn more about iBankPro, click here.

Domestic wire transfer instructions:

For security purposes, outgoing wire transfer requests must be made in person, and a valid picture ID is required.
To send a domestic wire to another bank, you’ll need to know the beneficiary’s:
  • Bank name and address
  • Bank Routing or ABA number
  • Account name and address
To send a domestic wire transfer to an account with The First National Bank in Trinidad, you’ll need the following information:
  • Beneficiary Bank:
    Wire Transfer Graphic
The First National Bank in Trinidad
100 E. Main Street
Trinidad, CO 81082
  • Beneficiary Bank Routing number or ABA number: 102100138
  • Beneficiary’s account name and address
  • Beneficiary’s account number

Contact Us for more information!

**For international wire transfer instructions, please call (719) 846-9881, or you can send us an email.