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Internet banking for your buisness
Product Features:
Real-Time Funds Management
With iBank Pro, a business owner can make immediate and accurate decisions based on real-time information, including account balances, cash position, maturity, payment and interest. Sophisticated yet flexible funds management capabilities allow specifically authorized employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers and payments, including ACH origination, internal transfers, domestic wire transfers, and tax and loan payments. Availability of funds is easily ensured. iBank Pro provides the control and flexibility to optimize funds management anytime, anywhere.

Save Time and Money
Account information is displayed in convenient, easy-to-read sections that provide the real-time detail needed to make accurate funds management decisions. With the powerful features of iBank Pro, you can handle routine banking transactions and take the guesswork out of daily cash forecasting, saving valuable time and money. iBank Pro is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Choose the program package that best suits your company's individual needs, and for one low monthly fee, have access to all of your First National Bank accounts.

Maximize Your Earning Power
By transferring idle funds to your interest-bearing account(s) or by paying down your lines of credit to reduce interest expense, iBank Pro lets you better manage your funds in ways that can increase your company's available cash and reduce expenses.

It's Confidential and Secure
iBank Pro protects your account information with the latest encryption technology for security. Only authorized users have access to your company information. Security is established at several levels and you can limit a user's access to specific accounts, menu options, or even specific functions within an account. Management approval and recap of employee activity is also available.

Quicker & Easier Accounting
With iBank Pro account download feature, you can export your bank account information into your business accounting software. iBank Pro can export transactions in the IIF format and then import into software packages like Quicken©, Quickbooks™ and others.

System Requirements
Operating system needs to be Windows Vista and later or Mac OS 10.7 and later. Browsers can be Internet Explorer 9 or higher or the most current version of Chrome, Firefox or Apple Safari 6 and later.
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